CNN’s Roland Martin rips Americans as ‘part of problem’ for not wanting higher taxes

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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What’s a preview of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union without insulting the American electorate? It’s par for the course for CNN.

In keeping with CNN’s tradition of blaming the American people, most of whom weren’t around when Social Security was enacted over 75 years ago, CNN contributor Roland Martin defended politicians from any accusations of mismanagement when it comes to the federal government’s fiscal situation.

On CNN’s pre-State of the Union address coverage on Tuesday, Martin explained politicians are not completely to blame for the dire straits of entitlements. But instead he said it was the American people – since they’re not either willing to accept spending cuts or higher taxes.

“It’s not just they when we talk about politicians, it’s also the people who send them to Washington, D.C.,” Martin said. “When you look at the CBS poll where they laid out where they said, ‘Oh no, we don’t want taxes raised, but we don’t want cuts made to our Social Security or Medicare benefits. And again, the American people also want their cake and eat it as well. They’re also part of the problem. We can’t just sit here and say it’s 535 members in Congress.”