Calling all Merry Men: Sherwood Forest on the market

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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Ever dreamed of frolicking around Sherwood Forest like Robin Hood and his Merry Men? Well, pack your sword and green tights, because you can now own a portion of folklore’s most iconic landscape. The British government is selling areas of the woods to cover their massive national debt, reports The Los Angeles Times.  Locals are furious at the thought of developers or corporations invading their beloved forest, but the offer remains amidst their objection. As several European nations struggle to balance the books, other iconic, government-owned properties are also facing the auction block.

France and Italy join Britain in selling historic properties to cover debt. The French landmark, Hotel de Seignelay, the former headquarters of the French Navy, is among the properties up for sale. Similarly, the Italian government has put 12,000 properties on the market, ranging from luxurious villas to historic monasteries. The combined value of the government’s real estate is roughly $3 billion dollars.

Each nation plans to use a significant portion of the profits towards easing their massive debts. The governments now face the daunting task of finding buyers willing to purchase such extravagant properties in these tight economic times. Sure, you can live in legendary Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood faced off with the sheriff of Nottingham, but it will cost you a pretty penny.