DC Exclusive: Hill staffers’ Dupont sex den really an elaborate online revenge plot by jealous ex

Jonathan Strong Jonathan Strong, 27, is a reporter for the Daily Caller covering Congress. Previously, he was a reporter for Inside EPA where he wrote about environmental regulation in great detail, and before that a staffer for Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA). Strong graduated from Wheaton College (IL) with a degree in political science in 2006. He is a huge fan of and season ticket holder to the Washington Capitals hockey team. Strong and his wife reside in Arlington.
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A Craigslist posting supposedly from a 25-year-old female Capitol Hill staffer advertising a vacancy at her sex party den in Dupont Circle is really an elaborate online revenge plot, The Daily Caller has learned.

The woman whose number is listed on the ad – and repeatedly on a lewd and lascivious Twitter account under the handle WhatevaULiike – is distraught and fearful she will lose her job.

“It’s very, very, very frustrating at this point,” said the woman, who said she is in North Carolina but preferred to remain anonymous.

“I know who’s doing it,” the woman said, fingering her ex-boyfriend, who works for the federal government, and his new, obsessively jealous current girlfriend.

“My ex-boyfriend texted me. I basically text him back. All I said was ‘hello.’ So his girlfriend has taken it upon herself – or it could be him, because he’s very vicious in that way, too,” the woman said.

“He initiated the contact. All I did was spoke back with him, that’s it. I didn’t say anything sexual. I didn’t say anything out of the way. I basically wished him well. She’s been calling for months. I haven’t contacted him in months. Basically she just decided a couple days ago to just start posting my information everywhere,” the woman said.

“I’m not even in D.C. right now. I’m in North Carolina working and people are calling me like all day, all night. And I know exactly who started it,” the woman said.

“I’m crazy? He initiated contact with me. All I did was spoke back with him. I don’t want him. I’m about to get married myself. It’s nothing that I would want for him or anything,” the woman said.

The woman’s phone number has been posted on at least two Craigslist postings advertising vacant rooms in apartments at well-below-market rates if would-be roommates are willing to participate in swingers parties held there once or twice a month.

In one ad, the author is supposedly a 25-year-old hill staffer. In another, the author is a 29-year-old female “nonprofit manager.”

The phone number is also included on a Twitter account filled with lewd and lascivious postings.

“Horny in DC? call me,” says “Chloe” in one tweet. “I’m getting a lot of hate from other women. Don’t be mad cuz ur man called you my name,” says another.

The ads and Twitter account are scandalizing aides on Capitol Hill wondering what staffer could possibly be hosting sex parties – and advertising so openly, even if anonymously, on the Internet.

“That’s awesome,” said one legislative assistant with an optimistic take.

But instead of Washington sex scandal, the ads are the work of a jealous new girlfriend.

The woman victim has been frantically reaching out to Twitter and Craigslist, urging them to take down the offending posts. But neither company has responded.