EBookFling is Netflix Instant Watch for digital books

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It’s no secret that users of Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s nook digital book readers can “lend” copies of the books they’ve purchased to friends.

But imagine if your universe of friends consisted of millions of people, not just the five or six people in your book club. The lending library suddenly becomes much more interesting.

That’s what EBookFling wants to create. The site, which officially kicks off Wednesday morning but was up and running Tuesday, ultimately will let users borrow books listed by other members — for free.

Here’s how it would work. Users can list any digital book they’ve purchased. When another member requests to borrow it, EBookFling sends the book owner a message with step-by-step instructions for lending it. Each time the user lends a book, they earn a credit, which can be used to borrow other members’ books. Each lending period lasts 14 days.

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