Air Force withholds Pelosi flight docs; Judicial Watch appealing

Jonathan Strong Contributor

Activist group Judicial Watch is appealing a decision by the Air Force to withhold documents related to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s use of military airplanes.

Documents released by the Air Force show Pelosi was provided chocolate-covered strawberries on one flight to celebrate the California Democrat’s birthday, among other luxuries. But of 43 flights, only 11 expense reports were provided to the group.

Jackie Short, a Freedom of Information Act officer at the Air Force, said some of the documents were withheld from release under an exemption for “invasion of personal privacy.”

Judicial Watch is formally appealing, but a final decision could take time. The group sent its original document request in September, but only received a response in January.

Ed. note: this article has been corrected. Pelosi press secretary Drew Hammill said Pelosi staff did not request chocolate-covered strawberries (“dark chocolate preferred”) for their boss. Documents released by Judicial Watch show the in-flight luxury was the idea of Air Force officials.