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Seventeen years later, Katie Couric still isn’t sure what the Internet is

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Courtesy of Gizmodo, here’s the mid-nineties Today Show gaggle nattering away about the @ symbol and other brand-new-at-the-time cyberstuff:


Simpler times. Not to say that they were stupid, which they were but that’s not the reason. What we now know as the Internet was still in its infancy, Pets.com was not yet a punchline, and Matt Lauer was dismissed as a pretty boy instead of the hard-hitting investigative journalist we all know him to be today I’m just kidding.

Almost 20 years on, the Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that I’m still recovering from a two-day outage last week. I won’t say who my Internet provider is, but their service is Rotten Cutrate Nonsense. How bad do you need to be to make me miss Comcast?

Jim Treacher