Beck says Egyptian unrest could lead to new caliphate

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Fox News host Glenn Beck described an alarming scenario Tuesday night stemming from the unrest in Egypt. He said that the protests in Egypt could cause a domino effect, leading to the creation of an Islamic caliphate.

“You’re watching a well-orchestrated campaign” said Beck, “the people who want ‘change,’ they don’t think it’s crazy.”

Beck read a comment from the Foreign Minister of Iran, who had said of the protesters, “I am sure they will play their role in creating a Muslim Middle East.” Beck responded: “that’s a caliphate.”

“Unrest could spread like wildfire across the Middle East and into Europe,” warned Beck.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced immediately prior to Beck’s commentary that he would not seek re-election in Egypt’s September election.

“This could very easily be 1979 Iran,” said Beck.

Beck proceeded to go from country to country on a map, identifying how elements of instability could lead to Islamist governments across the region and into Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

He described Iranian-backed movements in Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Lebanon, pointed to instability in Tunisia, Egypt and Somalia, and described Al Qaeda activity in northern Africa. Beck even referenced the Cote d’Ivoire, a West African country where the incumbent president is holding on to power despite losing re-election, in his “worst case scenario.”

“You have the Ivory Coast down here, the election turmoil is going on right now between Christians and the new Islamic president.”

Moving toward Asia, Beck highlighted India on his map and said, “Once the dominoes start to fall and the Muslims see oh, my gosh, we might have a caliphate… you start to lose all of Asia.”

In Sudan, where a long civil war has given way to an impending peaceful secession for the non-Muslim south, Beck said: “The north is imposing shariah law already, the south is largely Christian, they’re slaughtering each other.”

Regarding Europe, Beck said that Muslim immigrant communities could instigate a takeover.

In Egypt, he said that the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions are grave.

“It is not about freedom, it is not about democracy, it is about an Islamic state,” said Beck.

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