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Tracy Morgan says stuff and people get mad

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Right. So Tracy Morgan went on a live basketball broadcast and said Sarah Palin is “good masturbation material.” Some people complained and the network, TNT, issued an apology within minutes.

I dunno. Is it really that big of a deal? Yes, it was a dumb, sexist thing to say, but Tracy is a dumb, sexist guy. Although he was talking to Charles Barkley, so in that conversation he’s the smart one. But he’s just being crazy. How can you stay mad at him? When Tina Fey airs her utter contempt for Palin, she tries to hide it with a thin veneer of “political commentary.” Tracy Morgan just tells us what he does while he’s watching Fox News.

Unfazed by the controversy — or pretty much anything else — Morgan thumbed his nose at the whole thing at the SAG Awards Sunday night:


Again, dumb and sexist. But is there any other reason to talk about the SAG Awards?

Mainly, this post is just an excuse to post the following audio. It’s Jay Mohr on the Opie & Anthony show a few years back, doing various impressions. He does Al Pacino, Tracy Morgan, Norm MacDonald, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Walken, and others. He also does the best Colin Quinn impression I’ve ever heard, because it’s the only Colin Quinn impression anybody has ever bothered to do. There’s some NSFW language, so don’t click these if that’s not your thing:

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