Egyptian security forces continue to round up Western journalists

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Two New York Times journalists have been arrested in Egypt, according to a tweet from Associated Press Middle East  correspondent Hadeel Al-Shalchi.

The Huffington Post first reported that Al-Shalchi tweeted from Egypt on Thursday, “2 visiting NYT journos been arrested.” It remains unclear if the journalists were Middle Eastern stringers or Times staff writers.

Al-Shalchi then published another tweet, “The reports are saying military is taking journos into ‘protective custody.'”

The Associated Press reports that the Egyptian military began rounding up journalists Thursday, possibly for their own safety and protection.

Al Jazeera reported Thursday that six of its journalists were detained earlier this week. Though they were released after several hours, their equipment remains in the hands of police.

The U.S. State Department spoke in opposition of what it called a “concerted campaign to intimidate” foreign journalists working in Egypt.

Journalists in Egypt face more than just arrests. Many have been physically harmed or subjected to protest brutality.

The AP reported that one Greek print journalist was stabbed with a screwdriver. A group of men punched a Greek freelance photographer in the face and destroyed some of his equipment.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported Wednesday that he was punched in the head numerous times as a result of crossing paths with angry supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Prior to informing Twitter followers of the journalist arrests, Al-Shalchi had published a foreboding tweet, “Journos be careful: they are out for us today.”