Halfway to doomsday!

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Below-freezing temperatures, icy streets, and blinding blizzards have plagued the country for two weeks now. Buried in all that snow is the five year anniversary of the Sundance premiere of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

It was at Sundance in 2006 that we first heard Gore’s most profitable hypothesis: The world had ten years or less to avert imminent destruction. That same year, Rush Limbaugh began his “Algore (sic) Doomsday Countdown.”

“Now, the last time I heard some liberal talk about ‘ten years’ it was 1988, Ted Danson,” said Limbaugh. “We had ten years to save the oceans; we were all going to pay the consequences, which would result in our death. Now Al Gore says we’ve got ten years. Ten years left to save the planet from a scorching. Okay, we’re going to start counting. This is January 27th, 2006. We will begin the count, ladies and gentlemen.”

To be fair, Gore did say that that the world would not be over in ten years, just that a line will have been crossed, making salvation impossible.

“The world won’t ‘end’ overnight in 10 years,” said Gore. “But a point will have been passed, and there will be an irreversible slide into destruction.”

Nevertheless, according to the clock, we are now half way to the point of no return.

Limbaugh acknowledged the five year anniversary on his program Wednesday.

See a screen grab of the “official” Al Gore doomsday clock (or check out how much time we have left for yourself.)