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Idiotic, racist Common Cause protesters: CCbaggers?

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Over at BigGovernment.com, Christian Hartsock writes:

I recently took a two-day trip down to Palm Springs to attend an event called “Uncloaking the Kochs,” hosted by Common Cause

Among Common Cause’s, well, common causes, are campaign finance reform, net neutrality, outlawing the filibuster, promoting cap and trade, and in this particular case, herding a mass of protesters outside a nearby hotel to yell at Charles and David Koch for being conservative and rich…

In post-Tucson America, where for the past few weeks a chorus of voices on the left have amplified their attacks on the “racist tea party,” “racist conservatives,” “racist Republicans,” and their “violent, irresponsible rhetoric” to the degree of accomplice-to-murder accusations, I figured a left-wing rally such as this would also be a demonstration of the left’s ideal, self-proclaimed rhetorical composure.

And having done extensive video coverage interviewing demonstrators in over fifty tea parties in forty-five cities in twenty-five states yet finding a total of zero instances of the “racist” and “violent” stigmas the left relentlessly assures us are true, I certainly didn’t expect to find almost every imaginable instance at one single “progressive” rally. But who was I to make presumptions?

And here’s what he’s talking about:

Our own Matthew Boyle talked to Hartsock:

Hartsock said the progressives he interviewed continued with their vitriolic hate speech even though they knew they were on camera.

“They knew that they were accountable for their own words and that their look and likeness would be reproduced later,” he said. “That still did not deter them from expressing the most vile forms of hatred, and some would say racism, on the record.”

Some would say racism. Others would say nothing, in the hopes it went away. For almost two years, our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors in the MSM have been eagerly searching for racist protesters, even going so far as to concoct them where they didn’t exist. But now there’s finally proof.

Here you go, geniuses. Served on a silver platter. Dig in.

P.S. James Taranto: “We’d venture to say that Hartsock has provided more evidence that Common Cause is a violent, racist movement than all the media put together have done vis-à-vis the Tea Party.”