Palin: Egypt crisis a ‘3:00 a.m. White House phone call’ that Obama didn’t handle successfully

Laura Donovan Contributor
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After delivering the keynote address at Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday celebration at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara Friday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sat down with CBN’s David Brody to discuss her concerns about President Barack Obama’s handling of the protests in Egypt, her decision not to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference, and media attacks on her.

Palin said she disagreed with Obama’s handling of the crisis in Egypt, stating that the situation was a “3:00 a.m. White House phone call” that “went right to the answering machine.”

“[W]e need strength and sound mind there in the White House,” Palin said. “We need to know what it is that America stands for so we know who it is that America will stand with. And we do not have all that information yet.”

Palin added that, with her journalism degree, she could provide some assistance to the mainstream media, which she said was “becoming irrelevant.”

“I want the mainstream media, and I’ve said this for a couple of years now, I want to help ‘em,” Palin said. “I have a journalism degree, that is what I studied. I understand that this cornerstone of our democracy is a free press, is sound journalism. I want to help them build back their reputation and allow Americans to be able to trust what it is that they are reporting.”

Always an object of media criticism, Palin said that if she were to run for president, she would be sure to brush off the opinions of others.

“I would continue on the same course of not really caring what other people say about me or worrying about the things that they make up, but having that thick skin and a steel spine, knowing that what is needed in America are those things that Ronald Reagan did espouse and what he lived and not worrying about what the critics are going to say about me or my family,” Palin said.

Palin also addressed her widely discussed decision not to give the keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which begins later this week.

“I’ve never attended a CPAC conference ever so I was a little taken aback this go around when I couldn’t make it to this one either and then there was a speculation well I either agree or disagree with some of the groups or issues that CPAC is discussing,” Palin said. “I look at participation in an event like CPAC or any other event, along, or kind of in that same vein as the more information that people have the better.”

The full interview with Palin will air nationwide Monday on “The 700 Club.”

Laura Donovan