Civility advocates bash the late Ronald Reagan on his birthday

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Pres. Ronald Reagan’s birthday did not go unremarked upon by civility advocates* on the Left.

“Happy birthday in hell, Ronald Reagan,” tweeted Salon’s Mary Beth Williams, who recently slammed the Palin family as well.

February 6 marked what would have been Reagan’s 100th birthday, and many left-wing writers took to Twitter to bash the late Commander-in-Chief as others celebrated his presidential accomplishments.

“Reagan at 100. He loved America. He loved the rich more. He killed the middle class. Never forget.,” tweeted “Fahrenheit 9/11” film director Michael Moore.

Emerging New York City comedian Joe Mande also took to Twitter to poke fun at Reagan, “Happy birthday to Ronald Reagan’s dumb corpse.”

Daily Kos writer Scott Wooledge tweeted of Reagan, “More gay people DIED under #Reagan than any other President. Is that why#GOP loves and revers him so? #LGBT#tcot #p2 #HIV #AIDS.” Wooledge also published a blog entry titled, “Screw Reagan.”

Sirius XM host Mike Signorile published peculiar tweets about Reagan’s death certificate, seemingly mocking those that question President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

“Has anyone ever seen Reagan’s birth certificate? How do we know he’s 100?” Signorile tweeted. He later added, “And while we’re at it, I want to see the death certificate too. #Reagan.”

Comedian Chet Wild took shots against Reaganomics via Twitter, “Today marked Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. I celebrated by doing my impression of Reaganomics, ie: not working. #ronaldreagan #reaganomics.”

Though not a famous figure by any means, one Twitter user published a rather scathing tweet about the former president, “#Reagan would do what any red blooded Hypocrite would do … Support#Mubarak.”

*Update: Daily Kos blogger Scott Wooledge has reached out to The Daily Caller and contests being considered a “civility advocate.” “I’ve never considered myself a ‘Civility Advocate,'” Wooledge wrote in an email to TheDC. “I’m much more aligned with Alan Grayson school of ‘if conservatives can talk trash, why can’t we?’ I’ve never advocated or endorsed violence, however, and am quick to condemn such talk. But a clear-eyed assesement that Reagan sat on his hands while tens of thousands of Americans died? That isn’t incivil at all, in my opinion. That’s a clear and incontrovertible, if now, inconvenient fact.”