‘Iranium’ debuts on Tuesday

Chet Nagle Former CIA Agent
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Tuesday is a very important day. It is the day that a new documentary, “Iranium,” will be screened across the United States and Canada, and on Capitol Hill.

As the title suggests, Iranium exposes the Iranian government’s brutal oppression of its people, its plans to spread its version of Islamic radicalism everywhere, and its global network of terrorism. You will see photographs and evidence of Tehran’s ceaseless drive to build the nuclear weapons that will make Iran the hegemonic power in the Middle East. The spiced and honeyed voice of Academy Award nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo narrates rare footage of events in Iran and around the world and introduces interviewees who explain the deadly threat that Iran poses to America and free people everywhere.

The cast of international experts seen in the documentary includes members of Congress like Rep. Shelley Berkley, Rep. Eliot Engel and Sen. Jon Kyl. Alongside former CIA director James Woolsey are Ambassadors John Bolton and Dore Gold, and other recognized experts like Kenneth Timmerman, Clare Lopez, and Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney.

A year in the making, the Iranium documentary is a creation of The Clarion Fund, the same people who brought us the eye-opening film The Third Jihad and who put copies of another important documentary, Obsession, in your Sunday papers a few years ago.

Obsession is a carefully researched documentary of radical Islam’s war against the West. It won Best Feature Film at the Liberty Film Festival, a Special Jury Award at the Houston Worldfest Film Festival, and was an Official Selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival. I believe that Iranium will surely earn even greater honors.

How can you see Iranium? First, check your local AMC website. Selected AMC theaters will show Iranium on February 8th. If it’s not being shown in your community, quickly go to the official Iranium website, where you can watch a trailer, learn about the film and the interviewees, and even get your own copy. But best of all, if you are among the first 50,000 to visit the site, you can register for a free download of the entire film.

I am proud to have played a small role in the making of this very important and very timely documentary film.

Chet Nagle is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the author of Iran Covenant.