Planned Parenthood exposed seemingly willing to aid underage prostitutes for a sixth time

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In the sixth installation of a concerted campaign to discredit Planned Parenthood, Tuesday Live Action released yet another video showing the abortion provider seemingly willing to aid a pimp and his prostitute in the sexual exploitation of young girls.

This time at a Planned Parenthood in New York City, a man and woman posing as sex traffickers play out the same scenario as in the earlier videos, seeking out advice for how to get their girls — as young as 14 — reproductive health services. The Planned Parenthood clinic staff tell the pair how to get entirely confidential services — from STD testing to abortions — even going so far as to explain to the pimp how he can pose as the girls’ guardian and get them insurance through tax-payer funded programs.

This is the sixth video in less than two weeks seemingly showing Planned Parenthood acting complicit in the sexual trafficking of young girls. Last week Live Action released five videos depicting similar happenings — one in New Jersey and four in Virginia.

“Planned Parenthood has shown repeatedly…that they are willing to aid and abet the sexual exploitation of minors and young girls, even girls as young as 13 and here illegally, all under a sick code of ‘confidentiality,’” said Live Action President Lila Rose. “For Planned Parenthood, this ‘confidentiality’ supersedes a zero tolerance for sex trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women.”

The New Jersey attorney general has reportedly opened an investigation into the Planned Parenthood, and the Virginia attorney general is seriously looking into similar charges in his state.

“Today, we are making full footage and transcripts available to New York law enforcement officials and we are calling upon New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to launch a formal investigation as has been done in New Jersey by Attorney General Paula Dow. This footage shows that underage girls and young women are at potentially grave risk when they walk into Planned Parenthood clinics,” Rose said.

The New York City sting was part of a larger operation in which a man and woman posing as sex traffickers solicited aid from 12 clinics in Virginia, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Arizona between January 11-15. Prior to the videos’ release and suspecting a sting, Planned Parenthood alerted U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of a possible sex traffic ring at worst, a political hoax at best.

“If a multistate sex trafficking operation is in place, those responsible must be pursued to stop the exploitation of girls and young women,” Stuart Schear, Planned Parenthood’s vice president for communications, said. “If these visits are part of a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign, they must be condemned. Falsely claiming sex trafficking to health professionals to advance a political agenda is an astoundingly cynical form of political activity.”

Planned Parenthood receives upwards of $350 million annually from the federal government.