Why black voters shouldn’t support Obama

Sonny Palermo Contributor
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According to Gallup, President Obama’s first-year approval ratings were the most polarized of any first-year president, with 88% of Democrats and only 23% of Republican approving of his job performance. This must come as a shocking revelation to the magpies in the old media who proclaimed Obama to be the Great Uniter and the second coming of Lincoln, if not the Messiah himself.

But Gallup’s polls contain one piece of good news for the president. Although his overall approval ratings have dropped substantially since his inauguration, one demographic group, African-Americans, remain overwhelmingly supportive of him. Today, 89% of black voters approve of Obama’s job performance, up from 88% in January 2009.

This is especially surprising considering that the president has failed to address three key issues facing African-Americans today:

First, according to the CDC, the abortion rate among blacks is a horrific 32%, though it is actually much higher. The CDC’s numbers are suspect because abortionists are not required by law to report how many abortions they perform. Also, the CDC’s numbers do not count illegal abortions and are missing data from three states. One of those three states is California. Since abortion rates are higher among low-income households than among the general population and California has a disproportionate number of low-income households, California’s abortion rate is probably much higher than the national average.

Second, crime remains a major issue in the black community. The number one cause of death among young black males is homicide.

The third issue is the breakdown of the African-American family. A heartbreaking 72% of African-American children are born to single mothers.

Where is the “hope and change” for a black community plagued by abortion, homicide and dead-beat dads? The next time the president makes a speech focusing on and offering solutions for these problems will be the first. In the meantime, Obama remains a staunch supporter of abortion rights, and there has been more talk from his administration about protecting anchor babies than of addressing the extremely high abortion rate among black women (it’s three times higher than that of white women). The homicide rate is never mentioned, and the problem of single black mothers gets token lip-service on Father’s Day, with no substantial follow-up.

If black voters support Obama because they believe that he’s more likely than Republicans to address their issues, I can respect that. But if they do so because they think this administration really cares about their problems, well, if life was a Bugs Bunny cartoon, they would be turning into a lollipop right now, with the word “sucker” written on the wrapper.

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