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The most important news of the day: my knee still hurts

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It’s been 373 days since I got hit by a State Department SUV, and 59 days since the second operation to fix it. Here’s a look:

Still can’t walk on it. Still on crutches. I’m doing physical therapy once a week, and this week I got on the stationary bike for the first time since the surgery. At first I wasn’t able to bend my left leg enough to get it all the way around, just had to go back and forth. But after a few minutes it loosened up and I could pedal normally, if very slowly.

I go back to the surgeon in a couple of weeks to find out what’s next. I hope I can start walking on it, maybe go to one crutch, but at this point I’ve given up making predictions. It’ll happen when it happens. Just trying to get through it.