Food police: Mika Brzezinski insisting Starbucks ‘make a teen drink with lower caffeine’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is on an endless crusade against the food industry for the ingredients it uses in products, a cause she is not shy about promoting during her live morning broadcast co-hosted with Joe Scarborough.

However, on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski did something that MSNBC might frown upon: She went after her own program’s primary sponsor, Starbucks.

“I need to talk to you at the Starbucks about something. We’ll get to that,” Brzezinski said. “No, it’s about teen drinks. They need to make a teen drink – they do. All the kids drinking – yes, they need to make a teen drink with lower caffeine because my Starbucks is full of teens juicing up on caffeine and getting over-caffeinated.”

That drew a quick rebuke from Scarborough, calling it a “moral scolding.”

“You have got to stop, you have got to stop,” Scarborough said. “This is an intervention right now.  Just step away from the moral scolding.”

“I’m helping Starbucks,” Brzezinski insisted.