Political pets [SLIDESHOW]

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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David Cameron welcomed a new guest to 10 Downing Street today, a cat named Larry. The cat, who was a stray before being taken in by the British prime minister, is the newest member of an eclectic group of famous political pets.

John Quincy Adams, for instance, kept an alligator and is said to have enjoyed watching it slither down the White House steps and chase visiting dignitaries. Thomas Jefferson took walks with his pet grizzly bears and  William Howard Taft kept a cow in the kitchen to satisfy his cravings for fresh milk.

From Lincoln’s goats to Bush’s terrier, animals have long been a politician’s best friend. Pets are not only great for a politician’s image, but they’re often the only loyal supporter remaining by the end of their term. Take a look at the critters standing beside some of the world’s most famous political figures.