Ann Coulter: This country needs Chris Christie

Laura Donovan Contributor
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For the second time in a week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said this country needs N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to run for president, reports The Hill.

“I don’t care if [Chris Christie] wants to run, his country needs him, it appears,” Coulter said in a Monday interview with Fox News. “There are a few things he’s a little bit soft on… We have to run somebody and if we don’t run Chris Christie, it’s going to be Romney because Republican primary voters for some reason refuse to do any research before voting. They vote for the name of anyone they’ve ever heard before.”

During her speech at Saturday’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Coulter said President Barack Obama will be reelected for a 2012 presidency if Christie decides not to run against him.

“If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose,” Coulter said.

These comments show a change in Coulter’s opinion of Romney, who she dubbed “our strongest candidate” in 2008.

Christie has repeatedly stated he has no desire to seek presidential office in 2012, but he told Fox Business Network earlier this month that he hasn’t ruled out a 2016 run. Christie did, however, express concern that he wouldn’t be prepared to lead the country, adding that his personal readiness would be the ultimate determinant in whether he runs or not.

“As I’ve said many times before, I think if you’re going to run for president of the United States, you have to feel ready, and I’m not running for president because I don’t feel I’m ready,” Christie said.

In the same interview, Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto said Christie has more political experience than Obama did during the 2008 election.

“I also understand that people will say that there’s great opportunity here because the field is wide open for someone like me to run, but I don’t think those are reasons to run, because you might have more experience than someone else or because there might be great political opportunity,” Christie said. “I think the job is much too serious.”

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