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Batton Lash is my friend, and Lawrence O’Donnell is an idiot

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Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell, showing us why he’s leading MSNBC to a triumphant second place in the ratings, just barely edging out CNN’s The Disgraced Whoremonger and Bewildered Matron Show:

Untitled from Breitbart on Vimeo.

“The most famous African-American woman in the world, and the most admired.” Did ya hear that, Oprah? Just kidding, of course you didn’t. Larry O’Donnell said it.

Once again: It’s racist because they’re black. And Lawrence O’Donnell pretends not to know what the art of caricature is, when it suits him politically. Good point, Larry, no human being in the real world has ears like that. Well spotted. “But it doesn’t even look like him!” Folks, are you confused about who that’s supposed to be? I’m not.

Batton is a friend of mine, and in fact he drew my delightfully whimsical logo. We’ve collaborated a few times in the past (which you can see here), and he’s terrific. I don’t envy him, being branded a racist by a seething rageball like Larry O’Donnell, but he can take heart in the fact that more people saw this clip on the Internet than on MSNBC. Which O’Donnell knows, which is why he lies about people and advocates that his viewers physically confront them. Gotta keep your name out there, right, Larry?

If Michelle Obama is going to push her nutritional policies on us, that opens her up to criticism when she contradicts those policies with her own eating habits. Hudnall and Lash are speaking truth to power. Which is an ideal that people like Scary Larry usually advocate, except when it’s their power being addressed.

Whatever you think of that comic strip, whether or not you think it’s funny, the only reason to call it racist is because you want to silence criticism of the Obamas. Then O’Donnell says, “Here’s where these guys live, go get ’em!” And what’s with dragging their families into it? Is O’Donnell out of his mind? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

The time has passed when you could silence people by calling them racists. Lawrence O’Donnell should be ashamed of himself for using MSNBC’s dwindling reach to try to stifle dissent in a free society. But then, if he were capable of shame, we wouldn’t be talking about him in the first place.

Hudnall & Lash respond here and here.

P.S. Thanks to reader Ricky West for the pointer to this HuffPo interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich, back in December ’08:

Is it easy or challenging to draw a caricature of “No Drama Obama?”

At this point it’s hard because for eight years we’ve had George W. Bush, a president who doesn’t like dissension, who’s sort of arrogant, and who feels God is talking through him. Obama seems like a completely different personality. [Yeah, Obama doesn’t think he’s an intermediary. — JT] That’s good news for the country, but for cartoonists it’s going to be tough not having Bush around.

In your most recent cartoons, Bush’s ears have become so large they look like airplane wings.

I don’t draw Bush as a human being any more. He’s become a cartoon character who also has a beak-like nose and circles for feet — just two simple black circles. I draw Bush smaller and smaller as his incompetence grows larger and larger…

Check it out. But that’s okay because Bush is evil and we don’t like him and shut up.

P.P.S. James Hudnall isn’t done with this moron.

P.P.P.S. Glenn Reynolds: “‘Idiot’ is a mild term for a guy who gets his talking points from Media Matters… And really, if portraying Barack Obama as having… wait for it… big ears is somehow racist then — well, screw it, there’s no way that sentence can make sense. He’s got big ears. And Michelle Obama is about as convincing a spokesperson for healthy eating as, well, Oprah. Live with it, Larry.”