Left-wing bullies finally on the run

Eric Golub Contributor
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Wisconsin is now ground zero in the battle between fiscal sanity and leftists prepared to celebrate a complete financial breakdown so that people who already get three months off every summer can get paid more money than others. This money will most likely be used to finance protests where the cause will be the right to make more money, get more time off, do less work, and attend more protests.

For those wondering why America is on the way to becoming a nation of imbeciles, hop on board that train and ride the circular track for hours to the land of the misguided myopic menaces wielding misspelled maniacal messages.

Apparently few of the teachers on strike in Wisconsin taught social studies or English. A simple history class would point out that Adolf Hitler tried to murder my father and grandparents by tossing them into ovens and incinerating them for sport. Thankfully they escaped. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker does not have a mustache, did not live in Germany in 1945, and has never ordered any legislation designed to murder an entire group of people.

If the rhetoric seemed rehashed and scripted, that is what happens when groups with ties to the Obama administration dial 1-800-RENT-A-MOB. Unlike the real grassroots Tea Partiers, the Wisconsin protesters are less blood and plasma and more bile and venom.

When Governor Walker tried to enact painful budget cuts to save his state, Democratic lawmakers fled faster than their ideological soul mates dodged the draft in Vietnam. Rather than Canada, these dodgers fled to Illinois.

By refusing to show up to work, the Democrats left the Republican majority one vote shy of a quorum in the state senate. Police were dispatched to find them, although it was expected that orders would have the lawmakers brought in alive.

While the behavior by these liberal lawmakers appears cowardly, it is actually the opposite. It is bullying. The left lost the election. They do not want to obey the rules and be a loyal minority opposition. They hope that using mob tactics will intimidate the Republicans into caving.

Whether dealing with radical Islamists or radical leftists, the only thing bullies understand is force. It is time for the Republican Party to either go Roman or go home. Call it political Armageddon, but it is time to remind these illiterate third cousins of 1980s air traffic controllers what happens when they throw temper tantrums at the expense of our children.

Every teacher who missed work yesterday should be fired. Let them sue and exhaust their own savings. Hire replacement teachers straight out of college at half the pay. At the very least, start docking teacher pay immediately.

Dock the pay of the legislators as well. Then declare them missing. If they do not return to work within 48 hours, call for fourteen special elections to be held one week later. After all, when a legislator dies or is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, new elections need to be held. It is unfair to have the people go without representation.

Then conservatives need to get tough and really crack down hard.

In the past, there have been half-hearted attempts to ban the use of union dues for political purposes without the written consent of the members. Even in leftist California, this proposition only failed 53-47% a few years ago. If it is put on the ballot in all fifty states, the unions will go broke trying to stem the tide. Like defanged pit bulls, these union puppies will get house-broken.

This is not the early 20th century. This is not Samuel Gompers trying to prevent workers from being exploited with 100 hours of weekly back-breaking labor without overtime or safe working conditions.

Schoolteachers are not coal miners or construction workers. They don’t put on a hardhat or rush into burning buildings. They are white collar professionals with desk jobs, and not one single person in that category should be exempt from the budget cuts needed to save America from financial collapse.

This is not about equality or fairness. It is about people already receiving unreasonable special treatment (tenure, anybody?) attempting to extort their government for having the nerve to try and demand that they pitch in with the rest of us.

It is delightfully ironic that the very leftists supporting wealth redistribution take umbrage when their own over-privileged plutocrats are asked to give something back. Apparently only evil businesses that actually produce goods and hire more producers should be targeted. Heaven forbid in the heartland of progressivism that a former Woodstock hippie wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt teaching multicultural Islamic vegetarian transsexual studies should be forced to give back a fraction of their benefits.

Conservatives need to flood Governor Walker with support in the form of money, foot soldiers, and organizational strength. This is the best chance in decades for conservatives to finally break the stranglehold that unions have on this country.

There are too many people out of work in America for upper-middle-class prima donnas to take days off without permission. In the real world, this gets people fired. It is time for teachers and politicians to live by those same real-world standards.

Sack ’em all. Let the courts sort ’em out.

As to all of those leftists who use shrieks of Nazism and Hitler, the words of a Nazi character from Seinfeld (R.I.P. Uncle Leo) should ring loud and true.

“No soup for you!”

We can’t afford it. The budget does not allow for it. Take a pay cut and maybe we will get you a very conservative portion in a much smaller cup.

Just know that in this new fiscal climate, it sure as heck won’t be Progresso.

Eric Golub is a Brooklyn-born stockbrokerage and oil professional living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles. His blog is the TYGRRRR EXPRESS and his three books are “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.” His interests include politics, football, the stock market, and Republican Jewish brunettes.