Doctors pass out fake sick notes for sick-out teachers in Wisconsin [VIDEO]

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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MADISON, Wisc. – Doctors have been writing fake excuse notes for the tens of thousands of public employees in Wisconsin who either skipped work or called in sick to attend union protests in Madison.

Apparently, according to a video from the MacIver Institute, a free-market public policy group in Wisconsin, the union workers who skipped out on their taxpayer-funded duties needed some kind of excuse upon their return to work – so doctors took to the streets and handed out excuses for mental health or some other cause to the public-sector employees.

One doctor told the MacIver Institute that she was, “writing sick notes for whoever needs them.” When asked who was sick, the doctor replied that, “well, everyone is sick of Scott Walker.”

[WATCH: More on doctors giving out sick notes for protesters]

Matthew Boyle