Britney’s most shocking and scandalous music videos [SLIDESHOW]

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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It’s not a stretch to call Britney Spears the Queen of Controversy for her visually innovative music videos. Her latest effort is no exception. “Hold It Against Me,” arguably the most anticipated music video of Britney Spears’ 11-year career, premiered on Thursday. Would you be surprised if we told you it was not received well?

The breakout song from upcoming album “Femme Fatale,” has topped the charts, but the accompanying video brought to light issues within the song itself. The pop princess is now being accused of plagiarism, and is conseqeuntly facing a million dollar lawsuit. According to the Daily Mail, the singer is accused of ‘ripping off’ the rock ballad “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me” by the Bellamy Brothers.

Of course, this is not Britney’s first video that has prompted an uproar. From the red-leather catsuit in “Oops! …I Did It Again” to explicit dance moves with Madonna in “Me Against the Music,” the buzz surrounding the sheer spectacle of her videos has helped skyrocket her music to dominate the charts. Here’s a slideshow of Ms. Spears’ most scandalous and sizzling videos to date.