National day of demonstrations planned to support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Amanda Carey Contributor
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Grassroots organization American Majority is teaming up with the Tea Party to coordinate a national day of demonstrations in support of Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin and the efforts of other state leaders to rein in spending for public-sector unions. The demonstrations will begin Wednesday at noon.

“Wisconsin is just the beginning,” said Ned Ryun, founder and president of American Majority. “Elected officials need to know that if they want to do the right thing, we will stand with them. If they run and hide or pander to the union bosses, there will be serious political consequences.”

As part of the campaign to support Walker and leaders like him, American Majority launched a new website, www.IStandwithWalker.com. There, visitors can sign petitions to support Walker and organize demonstrations.

“Whether it’s planning a rally or candle-light vigil or letter-writing to newspapers or officials, everyone should raise their voice in support of leaders who are willing to make the tough choices to protect the taxpayer,” added Ryun.

Walker, who proposed a plan that would limit collective bargaining rights, and require public-sector employees (like teachers) to contribute to their pension and health-care plans.