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Step 1: Lie. Step 2: Shout down the people who point out your lie.

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Step 3: Repeat.

(Hat tip: Mark Tapscott)

P.S. Physician Paul Hsieh on the fake sick notes: “Although this might seem an outrageous breach of professional ethics, it is actually entirely consistent with the new brand of ‘progressive’ medical ethics currently taught to medical students. And these apparent breaches of professional ethics displayed in Wisconsin may be an ominous foretaste of future problems Americans can expect under ObamaCare.” And physician Ford Vox asks: “What puzzles me most is how in the world three of the four physicians I can identify from these videos and other media reports are faculty members of UW’s Family Medicine department, and one is a senior resident in that same department… It teaches professionalism, and its faculty are supposed to model integrity. What were they thinking?”

P.P.S. For the crime of recording people in a public place, Ann Althouse receives a bit of the New Civility.

P.P.P.S. Peter Wehner: “So just where is the Liberal Civility Patrol when we really need them? Have Krugman, Packer, and Fallows condemned what we’re seeing in Madison? … The game that’s being played is obvious. Civility has no intrinsic worth for these individuals; it is merely another weapon in an endless political battle.”

P.P.P.P.S. Doug Ross: Oops: White House, DNC disavow involvement with #WIunion protests but Twitter busts ’em cold. This is yours, geniuses. Own it.