George Clooney: I’ve had too much sex, done too many drugs to run for office

Laura Donovan Contributor
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George Clooney’s made waves as an actor and as an activist, speaking out against the atrocities in the Sudan.

But just because he’s become an outspoken advocate for the people of Africa, don’t expect him to pursue politics anytime soon.

“I didn’t live my life in the right way for politics, you know,” Clooney, 49, told Newsweek. “I f–ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth.” And, he says, if he did run for office, he’d admit everything up front. He’d “start from the beginning by saying, ‘I did it all. I drank the bong water. Now let’s talk about issues.’ That’s gonna be my campaign slogan: ‘I drank the bong water.’?”

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