Frito-Lay shushes SunChips bag

interns Contributor

Frito-Lay hopes its new SunChips bag will please consumers who complained in droves last year when the company rolled out a “green” bag that could be tossed into the compost bin.

Snackers said the new bag was simply too noisy and detracted from the chip-eating experience. (Translation: In other words, it drowned out the TV and was harder to keep late-night secret chip eating a secret.)

There were so many complaints that the company yanked most of the bags off the market.

Then Frito-Lay scientists began to tackle the bag construction problem.

They had to find a way to quiet the deafening noise created by the wrinkling of two completely different bags sealed together — the razor-thin bag that protects the food on the inside and the bag on the outside that carries the labeling. Enter rubber.

A rubber-like adhesive sealing the two parts of the bag together acted like a noise dampening agent.

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