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See you on March 7

Since I started here at TheDC over a year ago, I haven’t taken a vacation that hasn’t involved going to the hospital and getting my leg cut open. And even then, I haven’t stopped working unless I’m actually under anesthesia. So I’m going to take next week off and let my mind heal a little bit along with my knee.

I can’t really go anywhere or do anything, so I’m going to just relax and try to stay off the Internet. It might not even be possible to go cold turkey — I’ll probably start jonesing like a damn junkie — but it can’t hurt to try. And hey, it’ll give the people who don’t like me a chance to go find somebody else to dislike. (They won’t have to go far, because Mickey Kaus is starting here next week!)

I’ve got a few friends lined up to guest-blog for me, so I want to thank them in advance. See you in 10 days, everybody.