Chris Christie offers 2012 advice to Sarah Palin: Give the people ‘unguarded moments’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who pulled off a monumental upset by winning his 2009 election in what is regarded as a very “blue” state, is the hot name in Republican politics right now. And since his momentous election victory, he has won a lot of people over nationally even though he denies any interest in making a run at the White House in this next election cycle. But what does he have to say about potential 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Sarah Palin – another conservative star?

On CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, host Bob Schieffer asked Christie if he had any advice for all the 2012 presidential hopefuls lining up to challenge President Barack Obama. Christie explained that being polished alone won’t win you popular support.

“No, you can’t finesse it and you have to have unscripted moments,” Christie said. “You cannot be blow-dried and, you know, poll-tested and come out here. That’s not what the American people want. They want somebody who is going to speak straight to them. And, they want to ask you questions and they want unguarded moments. That’s when they can really judge your character.”

Schieffer asked Christie if those comments were aimed at Palin in particular. Christie explained his comments were aimed at all the potential 2012 candidates, but Palin should heed his advice as well.

“I think it’s aimed at all of them,” he continued. “But, certainly when I first made that comment it was in response to a question about Gov. Palin. And I think if she wants to prove she’s ready for this, you got to have some unscripted moments. Now, she may very well be up to it. If she is, good for her. But I think people want to see that. They’re very much interested in her. They want to see that about her to make a judgment as to can you trust somebody in the Oval Office who can do that? Unless you do those unscripted moments, I think it’s hard to get the person to pull the lever for you.”

As to not whether Palin meets that test, it remains to be seen according to the New Jersey governor. He said wasn’t ready to offer his judgment on her.

“She’s got to make that judgment herself,” he said. “Bob, I’ll make my vote in the voting booth privately like every other American.”