Chris Matthews promotes video with sexist and derogatory attacks on Sarah Palin

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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There is a time and a place for low-brow humor. But is a Sunday morning public affairs program that is broadcasted all over the country such a place?

So much for the calls for civility in political discourse.

On the Sunday airing of NBC’s “The Chris Matthews Show,” host Chris Matthews thought viewers should be treated to some derogatory attacks on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The MSNBC host with a history of accusations of misogynistic behavior from both the right and the left featured a video from “Funny or Die” and set it up by calling it “an upper.”

“I think we need an upper right now so before we break, it’s the end of February and four weeks ago, The Washington Post great writer Dana Milbank urged his colleagues and his competitors in the news world to give Sarah Palin as a topic a rest for the month of February,” Matthews said. “No interviews, no columns – nothing, starvation diet on her. Under the Milbank proposal, how would Palin get through the month? The comedic geniuses at Will Ferrell’s website Funny or Die.com imagined how it went up at Palin headquarters in Alaska.”


The video Matthews aired on his program edited out the worst parts of the “Funny or Die” sketch. However, the full version included the following:

– Day 5: A panicked Palin offering to talk to Katie Couric about porn
– Day 6: “Levi Johnston, I fucked him.”
– Day 9: Giving a mock interview claiming Trig Palin wasn’t hers
– Day 12 and Day 15: Palin with what appears to be a speared baby talking about a “blood libel”
– Day 19: Asking Rush Limbaugh for painkillers and claiming she “can see Russia from her vagina”
– Day 25: Licking on a deer antler
– Day 30: Realizes February only has 28 days

Matthews found the February revelation on day 30 to be hilarious.

“So the good news for Gov. Palin is that the blackout’s over for her,” he said. “The bad news is she doesn’t know there are 28 days in February.”

Watch full version:

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