Boehner criticizes Obama on DOMA

Daniel Keylin Contributor
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House Speaker John Boehner indicated that House Republicans are preparing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, set to air Monday.

“You’ll see the House of Representatives defend our actions in passing a bill that frankly passed overwhelmingly,” Boehner told “The 700 Club” host David Brody, in reference to the DOMA bill that was originally passed by the House in a 342-67 vote and subsequently signed into law by former Pres. Bill Clinton in 1996.

Last week, Pres. Obama ordered the Department of Justice to stop defending the law in federal courts.

DOMA prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Last week, former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum called on House Republicans to appoint a counsel to defend the law, and Boehner said that Santorum’s recommendation “is an option being considered.”

Boehner characterized Obama’s order to not enforce DOMA as, “something that’s just as raw politics as anything I’ve seen,” and, citing public support for the law, accused the president of “pandering to the other side.”

However, Boehner is still undecided on how to approach the Obama administration’s new stance on DOMA, saying that he will “have a decision by the end of the week.”

Although Obama had previously stated his personal opposition to DOMA, he had maintained that he had no other choice but to uphold the law as president.

Obama’s reversal on DOMA has earned the scorn of social conservatives and even some liberals for refusing to uphold a law passed by Congress, as required by the Constitution.