The truth about the Wisconsin protesters

Eric Golub Contributor
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It is time for those protesting against Governor Scott Walker to be given a reality check much colder than the perfectly timed snow. Governor Walker is too diplomatic to say it, but private citizens have the luxury of hammering the truth home.

Leftist protesters are a bunch of crybabies who have failed at life. There. Now that it’s been said, time for more hard truths.

Nobody ever went up to people and begged them to become schoolteachers or social workers. People do not go into those fields to get rich. They do it out of love for what they do, or so they falsely claim. People are often young and idealistic, which is code for stupid. They think that standing in line serving people at soup kitchens will improve society more than making millions of dollars and building soup kitchens.

These leftist crybabies who complain about “tax cuts for the rich” could have become stockbrokers, investment bankers, and corporate attorneys. They did not have to become legal aid lawyers. They chose to be bleeding hearts, with the implied understanding that they would gain a good feeling in their hearts rather than become “greedy” capitalists focused on money.

Earth to bleeding hearts: life costs money. There is nothing noble about being poor. You get tax breaks for earning enough money to qualify for them by actually paying taxes. Cutting taxes for the rich is a way of giving the producers back a fraction of their own money.

Try being one of these top producers. Work on Wall Street. Many of these people work long hours, don’t take vacations, put their careers above marriage and children, and know that at any moment they can be fired because they have no union protection. I lived that life for fifteen years, and loved every minute of it. Regrets are for whiners, also known as liberals.

Americans are sick of whiners, especially phony whiners. Liberals would be barely tolerable if they had an ounce of integrity and respect for the rule of law.

When Barack Obama won the 2008 election, Republicans took their medicine and went to work. They did use the filibuster, which is entirely legal. Mr. Obama rammed a leftist agenda down Republican throats under the slogans “Elections have consequences” and “I won.”

Well, Republicans won big in 2010, and Democrats would show honor by going to work and fighting to win the next election. Instead, teachers went on strike, which is illegal. Then Democratic legislators fled the state, which is illegal. If “the ends justify the means” is what the left is teaching our children, then perhaps the teachers and legislators should stay away. Mass firings can solve that problem.

Liberals then hold rallies that they claim are about “coming together.” This is a total lie. Liberals have no interest in bringing people together. They survive by ripping Americans apart and pitting them against each other based on race, gender, and class. Coming together involves common principles, not a collection of various grievance-mongers protesting the right to protest for the sake of protesting.

Liberals care about the earth except when they leave their signs on the lawn to ruin the grass. They preach tolerance when not keying cars and stealing lawn signs. They favor civility except when comparing Republicans to Hitler.

Most importantly, they bash the greedy and selfish while refusing to admit that they are greedy and selfish, only without the results.

Then liberals act like they will be missed if they just quit. If they stopped becoming schoolteachers and social workers, there would be a shortage and one of two things would happen: either salaries would rise based on supply and demand, or their bosses would do more with fewer workers. These people are every bit as dispensable as Wall Street stockbrokers, but the stockbrokers freely admit this. Like professional athletes, they get as much as they can as quickly as they can because they know how quickly and easily they can be replaced.

The left takes a different tactic, which is to blame successful Republicans. First it was Richard Mellon Scaife, then Sheldon Adelson, and now the Koch brothers. All that these people did was work hard, become successful, and use their money to support causes they agree with. This is not a threat to democracy. This is democracy. Unlike George Soros, these conservative participants engage in the system legally.

Liberals are simply jealous that the Koch brothers with one phone call or check can do more than 10,000 frothing, hate-filled protesters. The liberals know they are a dying breed on the verge of irrelevance. This makes them even angrier. It would never occur to them to send the Koch brothers their resumes, put on a clean suit and tie, and get a better-paying job.

If liberals would stop yelling “Fox lies,” maybe they would consider applying for a job there as well. Mr. Ailes seems to want hard-working individuals.

Conservatives such as Tea Party attendees protest because everybody is taking too much. They want people to stop spending and cut back. This is selflessness. Liberal agitators protest because they want to take more from others who earned it. They made bad choices in life, and want conservatives to bail them out for letting idealism replace sound financial planning.

Liberals can either become conservatives and make money, or continue boring people to sleep with their crying about how unfair life is. Nobody asked them to go into low-paying careers. Nobody needs them to grow the economy. Nobody would miss them if they were gone.

Nobody is indispensable. Once liberals figure this out, they will cease to exist as liberals.

Until then, they will remain as unbalanced as the economies they are still trying to wreck by being themselves. Conservatives do not have time for such nonsense. We have actual work to do.

Eric Golub is a Brooklyn-born stockbrokerage and oil professional living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles. His blog is the TYGRRRR EXPRESS and his three books are “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.” His interests include politics, football, the stock market, and Republican Jewish brunettes.