New scholarship in Texas set to benefit white men only

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A new Texas non-profit has announced its intention to provide scholarships for one group they feel has been left out of college scholarship programs — white men.

The Former Majority Association for Equality will grant $500 dollar scholarships to any male Texas resident who can prove he is at least 25% Caucasian, has a 3.0 or higher, and can demonstrate both financial need and a commitment to education.

The group was named because of the idea that “if you’re not male, and you’re not white, you’re called a minority,” Colby Bohannan, the group’s founder, told the Daily Mail.  In fact, according to census numbers released earlier this month, non-Hispanic whites are no longer a majority in Texas, making up 42% of the population.

On its website, the group states that its goal is to “assist young Americans seeking higher education who lack opportunities in similar organizations that are based upon race or gender.”

“There are scholarships offered for almost any demographic imaginable,” it says. “In a country that proclaims equality for all, we provide monetary aid to those that have found the scholarship application process difficult because they do not fit into certain categories or any ethnic group.”

“We know that we’re going to be receiving some vicious attacks, from people claiming that we are racists, or promoting some bigotry-filled agenda,” Bohannan told Reuters on Thursday.

Despite the inevitable criticism from anti-racism groups, FMAFE maintains that it has no white supremacist agenda, nor does it tolerate anyone who does. Its website says that it was founded on one principle: “to provide monetary aid for education to white males who need it.”