Parents shaken by sexually suggestive Nintendo game, ‘We Dare’

Josh Kinney Contributor
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We Dare, a new risqué Nintendo Wii game, includes kissing game controllers, pole dancing, stripping, hiding the “Wiimote” inside clothes and even spanking.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the promo trailer, banned in the U.S., shows “two couples in sexually suggestive situations.”

Although the game is intended for an adult audience, a loophole allowed for a PG rating because it does not show anything explicit on the screen.  The game alludes to sexual behavior that’s “open to interpretation” and obviously up to the players discretion.

UBISOFT describes the game as “a sexy, quirky party game that offers hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges.”

The UK gave the game a 12+ rating, and British tabloids reported that parents accused the game of promoting orgies and lesbian sex to kids.

The game is set to hit the Australian market on Thursday.

Keep your pants on gamers, the Corporate Communications Manger of UBISOFT, Lisa Revelli said that the company has no plans to publish the game in North America “at this time.”