Charlie Sheen joins Twitter, gains 600,000 followers in 8 hours

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Actor Charlie Sheen had more than 100,000 Twitter followers before publishing his first tweet yesterday. After eight hours, he’d acquired 600,000 followers. At the time of this article’s publishing, Sheen had 690,679 followers.

The former “Two and a Half Men” star, who has been all over the news lately for his incoherent interviews and jaw-dropping statements about his ex-boss Chuck Lorre, established a Twitter presence on Tuesday.

“Ahhh! We’re anxiously awaiting @charliesheen‘s first tweet!” E! News tweeted before Sheen made his first big contribution to the Twitterverse.

Sheen’s debut tweet came two hours later. The actor, who went on a drug binge in late January and continues to boast about living with young “goddesses,” tweeted, “Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning #chooseyourvice http://twitpic.com/455ly9.”

Sheen included of photo of him with live-in “goddess” girlfriend, Bree Olsen, who held up a bottle of Naked juice as Sheen grasped what appeared to be chocolate milk.

Sheen’s second tweet was a bit more mean spirited, “Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show… I’d rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a ’75 Pacer….”

E! News reported Tuesday that Sheen was apparently done with the press, possibly explaining why he joined Twitter.

“I’ve said my peace,” Sheen wrote in a text message to E! News, adding he’s “all good.”

Though James Franco made a Charlie Sheen reference while hosting Sunday’s 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony, Sheen himself was not an Oscar nominee or winner. Sheen’s third tweet linked to a photograph of him embodying an Oscar on a cake.

“Winner..! 2012… #winner,” Sheen tweeted, suggesting he may expect a 2012 Oscar.

Sheen assured fans that he’s got their backs, “Questions..? I’m here for my people..! Bring it!! #Tigerblood.”