Celebrity airbrushing [SLIDESHOW]

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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An epidemic of extreme airbrushing is sweeping through Hollywood. Through tools like Photoshop, stars have been digitally tweeked to glossy perfection on the cover of seemingly every magazine. This trend has not only made celebrities look like robotic Barbie dolls, but it has also created an unattainable standard of beauty in our society.

It’s quite refreshing when stars strive to expose their “realness” by refusing to be airbrushed, or by releasing the untouched versions of digital altered photographs. Holly Madison is the latest celeb to go ‘au naturael’ on the cover of this month’s Life & Style magazine. The former ‘girl next door’ and Playboy centerfold confidently posed in a bikini and refused airbrushing. She said that she’s struggled with insecurities at times, but takes pride in her curvaceous body regardless of any cellulite she may acquire.

Madison is just one of many celebrities who has decided to expose anatomical imperfections by abstaining from airbrushing. These Photoshop-free photos prove that even the most glamorously gorgeous icons have flaws, just like the rest of us.