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More Useful Hitler Comparisons

Frank J. Contributor
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Lately there has been a lot of talk about unions and how Republicans are trying to break up public sector unions, and Senator Sherrod Brown thought it was useful to point out one person who was against unions: Hitler! Strange, I thought the Nazis were socialists and thus real progressive on workers and such, but oh well.

Anyway, to help the debate even more, I thought I’d point out some other useful Hitler comparisons.


* The Aardvark is a land dwelling mammal… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* Mahatma Gandhi has been dead since the 1940s… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* If same-sex marriage is allowed, homosexuals will be able to get married… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* Academy Award Winner Colin Firth often wears shirt and pants… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* Many people don’t follow me on Twitter… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* President Obama doesn’t have muttonchops… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* The iPad 2 is composed of matter… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

* A number of Democrat State Senators are not in Wisconsin… MUCH LIKE HITLER!

BTW, did you know that a U.S. senator makes $174,000 a year, and all they have to do is vote yes and no on stuff? You could train a dog to do it, and it’s $174,000 a year. I guess you can also give speeches, but you’d probably seem smarter if you didn’t. And dogs are also good at not talking. For instance, let’s say you have Sherrod Brown going on about Hitler, but in the background is a German Shepherd sitting there quietly and looking on sternly. Who would appear smarter? Now, I’m not saying we should replace our senators with dogs, I’m just saying it’s a pretty cushy job that’s easy to do. So if you know of an opening in the senate, I’d like to be considered. I’ll get my resume together, but I assume that by having done anything before, I’m overqualified.

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