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Episode 2 of Sheen’s Koke Rant much more entertaining than the first

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I tried to be cool and pretend I don’t care, but I just can’t do it. It really is fascinating to watch a famous person self-destruct while documenting it every step of the way. [WARNING: Rude language and drug-fueled psychosis ahead]

Wait, did Charlie Sheen just claim to be able to raise the dead? And is it a good sign that he now looks older than his dad?

Warner Bros. TV just fired him for some odd reason, but fortunately he’s already picked up a new gig. First thing in the morning, he sets off up the Mekong Delta to assassinate Col. Kurtz. Coming to the Tiffany Network this fall: One Man with a Son and Also a Brother But the Brother Isn’t Around Anymore So Here’s John Stamos Instead.

P.S. Winning?

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