says we select romantic partners who look like us

Laura Donovan Contributor
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New dating site, set to launch this month, believes it knows what we really want in a partner: one who looks like us. The story behind its novel theory of attraction—and why it accounts for the initial spark but can’t promise lifelong compatibility.

Founder Christina Bloom got the idea from personal experience; friends would tell her that she and her ex-husband “looked like brother and sister.” “I actually became very fixated on the thing,” she says. “Whenever I talked about it, people said I didn’t know what I was talking about. And that I was crazy. But I would see it so clearly!”

2. CUPID’S ALGORITHM is powered by facial-recognition technology developed by, which zeros in on nine points on each face—the eyes, ears, nose, chin, and the corners and center of the mouth—to find similarities.

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Laura Donovan