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More on that Brian De Palma clip from yesterday

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Yesterday I told you about a YouTube clip from Brian De Palma’s Redacted that allegedly was mistaken for real-life footage by a German Muslim named Arid Uka, who then went on to murder two American soldiers while screaming “Allahu Akbar.” YouTube has since taken down the clip, citing their “policy on shocking and disgusting content.” But I believe it’s of historical value, so here it is.

WARNING: This clip really is shocking and disgusting, and not only for the reasons YouTube thinks it is.

If you think Sarah Palin has blood on her hands because of what Jared Loughner did — whether or not he ever actually saw the thing that’s purported to have inspired him to kill — do you think Brian De Palma has blood on his hands for what Arid Uka did? If not, why not?

Thanks again to John Rosenthal at PJM for his work on this.