Support ‘workers rights’: Boycott The Huffington Post

John Guardiano Freelance Writer
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One of the great unheralded struggles for freedom in our time involves the lonely effort by bloggers to get paid for their rants . . . er, I mean opinions! So it is that our blogging brothers and sisters at The Huffington Post are on strike.

I urge my fellow bloggers — and readers, left, right and center — to support this strike. Let’s stand in solidarity with our HuffPo brothers and sisters!

They’re toiling, after all, for the same basic “rights” that every blogger deserves: the right to a “living wage,” the “right” to collective bargaining, and the right to be heard — the right for their voices to “matter.”

And so, let’s make The Huffington Post a “no-blog zone” and a “no-read zone” until their “demands” are met: Because, let’s face it, the miserly few, such as Arianna, are making big bucks in blogging, while throwing mere crumbs to the rest of us.

Arianna, in fact, jets around the globe — to Greece, Switzerland, Chile, Italy and elsewhere — living the high life. Yes, this is the same Arianna Huffington who recently secured a $315-million sweetheart deal with AOL!

But will the toiling bloggers at The Huffington Post see one red cent of the proceeds? Come on! Don’t be naïve! Everyone knows that Arianna and her cronies intend to pocket every last dime!

The left-wing blogging queen is utterly indifferent to the needs of her employees and contributors! She channels Marie Antoinette and says in effect: “Let them eat cake!”

Indeed, “Huffington’s awareness of the strike was confirmed by her statement at a conference [on] Thursday,” The Daily Caller notes, “when she said, ‘Go ahead, go on strike.’ She also criticized ‘the idea of going on strike when no one really notices.’”

As Bob Dole once said, “Where’s the outrage?!”

Oh, we notice, Arianna. We’ve noticed for some time. We’ve noticed your lies and your double standards. But this time you’re not going to win.

This time the left and the right blogosphere will join together to end your corrupt reign! As it says in the Constitution, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”!

My fellow bloggers at The Huffington Post, know this: You are not alone! We in the conservative blogosphere support your democratic aspirations and demands. And so, we are urging bloggers and readers throughout the virtual world to support you. Solidarity forever!

John R. Guardiano is a writer and analyst in Arlington, Virginia. He writes and blogs for a variety of publications, including FrumForum, the American Spectator and The Daily Caller. Follow him at his personal blog, ResoluteCon.com, and on Twitter @JohnRGuardiano.