Ten impolite questions

Rod Pennington Author, A Family Reunion
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1. If we’re paying $15,000 per student and there are 20 kids per classroom, that generates $300,000 for the school per year. If they’re only paying the teacher $50,000 where is the other $250,000 going?

2. Why are there more American troops in Germany than in Iraq? Why do we have more soldiers (130,000) stationed in “friendly” countries — Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea — than either the French or British have in their entire armies? Why exactly are we spending more than $200 billion a year to subsidize the defense of countries that have a higher combined GDP than us?

3. Why is it that the “safer” a congressional district is — either left or right — the more likely it is to have an embarrassing screwball for a representative?

4. MSNBC’s new slogan is “Lean Forward.” With the way they shill for the Democrats, wouldn’t “Bend Over” be more accurate?

5. Is every leader of a public employee or teachers’ union an idiot? Did they really think it was a good long-term strategy to give every campaign dollar to Democrats while aggressively attacking Republicans? Did they think there would never come a day when Republicans would have the power to administer payback? These union leaders should have taken lessons from the ethanol lobby and trial lawyers and spread the wealth around. There is no shortage of “moderate” Republicans who are always willing to “reach across the aisle,” especially when it happily includes getting to stuff their pockets with campaign cash.

6. Why is it that whenever anyone plays the “race card,” they always say more about their own prejudices than about the prejudices of the people they’re attacking?

7. Do people on the religious right really think quoting scripture during a political debate is going to score points with independents and liberals in a secular society?

8. Are African-Americans ever going to wise up to the fact that they are being played? Blacks often vote 19-1 for Democrats. The teachers’ unions give almost 100% of their substantial campaign contributions to Democrats. When these two pillars of the Democratic base cross paths at inner-city schools, they each have a very different agenda. For the Democrats, when it comes down to choosing between educating black kids and protecting the jobs of lousy teachers, they always follow the money.

9. Why is it that the more liberal a “women’s rights” organization, the less likely it is to condemn the barbaric brutality of everyday life for women in the Muslim world?

10. Is there anything that will change the mind of a garden variety “climate change” zealot? Cold or hot, dry or wet, hurricanes and blizzards or no hurricanes and no blizzards, this crowd claims every weather event as proof of their holy sacraments. Faith is great for religion but science is based on what can be proven or disproven. Is there anything the monastic followers of Al Gore will accept as proof they have been wrong?

Rod Pennington’s seventh novel will be out later this year and he has also sold two screenplays. In addition he is a prolific “ghostwriter” whose work has appeared under other people’s bylines in many major publications. He would tell who and where but then he would have to kill you.