Drunk substitute teacher initiates dance off with elementary school students

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Most elementary school students are thrilled when a substitute teacher stands in for their real instructor because they’ll have fewer assignments and more time to goof off. That seemed to be the case at Carl Hankey K-8 School in Mission Viejo, Calif., where a female substitute reportedly showed up to a music class drunk and initiated a dance off with her students Friday, reports MSNBC.

A school employee said she peaked into the substitute’s classroom and saw students dancing on tables and chairs. Some of the boys reported that the substitute had been acting weird that afternoon, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

The substitute left her class at some point and was seen stumbling around. Like an ill-behaved student, she was called into the principal’s office. She smelled like alcohol, Amormino said.

“[The principal’s] concern was she didn’t want her to leave the school and drive like that,” Amormino said.

But when authorities arrived, the substitute had already fled the scene. Later that day, deputies learned that the substitute had “engaged in misconduct” with three sixth-grade boys. KABC 7 reported that the substitute had allegedly engaged in the “inappropriate touching” of more than two of the male students.

No arrests have been made, but the investigation on the sloshed substitute continues.

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Laura Donovan