Fake Muslim in video to ousted NPR executives: Now you know what it feels like to be an everyday American

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Shaughn Adeleye, one of the men who acted as a representative of the fake Muslim Brotherhood front organization that spawned the National Public Radio (NPR) sting videos conservative James O’Keefe released Tuesday morning, told The Daily Caller “it’s unfortunate that they [Ron Schiller and Vivian Schiller] had to lose their jobs over expressing what they believe.”

“But, everything they have been saying is contrary to what they should have been saying and what they say that they are,” Adeleye said in a phone interview. “I do not feel bad for them that they got fired – well, they say they resigned. And, he lost his job at the Aspen Institute. He’s pretty much in the unemployment line, both of them, him and Vivian. You know what? Now they’re going to know what it feels like to be common, every day citizens who have lost their jobs or just struggling every day to pay bills and make a life for themselves.”

Adeleye also told TheDC that the public might be missing the point of this investigation: “What would have happened if we were actually a Muslim group and we actually had everything laid out and we got to the point where we could show them the proof?” What would have happened is anyone’s guess, but Adeleye is almost certain NPR would have taken the money and said he expects NPR would adjust its news coverage in doing so – possibly drastically.

“If CAIR and $1.8 million from [left-wing billionaire George] Soros could get them jiggered up enough to push to fire Juan Williams,” Adeleye said, “I mean, what do you think $5 million from the Muslim Brotherhood would do? I’m sure we’d get them a few Muslim voices, because, like he said, ‘it’s unfair to not have Muslim voices represented because not having them would be like when we didn’t have women.’”

He went on to say that he wouldn’t have been surprised “if America woke up every morning to ‘ALLLAHHH,’” in a singsong voice.

As for NPR’s response so far, Adeleye said: “They’re backtracking.”

“They’re going left and right trying to cover their asses because the reality is, if they would have done their due diligence, as they did afterward – they sat with terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood who they were going to take $5 million from – if they would have done that from the onset, they’d still be alright,” he said. “And, if Obama wants to give you $30 million or $40 million extra dollars, that’d be lovely. Unfortunately, they didn’t do that. What they did was exactly what was on their mind and they got caught.”

Adeleye also had some choice words for ABC personality George Stephanopoulos. At the culmination of one of O’Keefe’s previous investigations, when he and Adeleye found fraud at the U.S. Census Bureau, Adeleye told TheDC ABC offered for him to join O’Keefe and conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart on Stephanopoulos’s show. Then, they backed out of the offer.

“They said, ‘No, they didn’t think it was needed,’” Adeleye said. “What I believe, personally, is that I just didn’t fit their narrative as the African American who is willing to accept whatever it is they’re willing to throw out to them.”

Adeleye said more investigations are on the horizon, and that this is what journalism has come to – having to find out what people in power really think by secretly recording them.

“The men and women we’ve elected in these United States into power, so often they get there, and they forget that they are actually put there by the people and they just really start kind of doing their own thing,” Adeleye said. “There’s always going to be that kind of person who’s going to take advantage just to be in power, just so they can remain affluent and in power.”