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State Department spokesman regrets the government’s treatment of the little guy

No, I did not receive a Get Well Soon card. I’m referring to this news from The Guardian:

Hillary Clinton‘s spokesman has launched a public attack on the Pentagon for the way it is treating military prisoner Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of handing the US embassy cables to WikiLeaks.

PJ Crowley, the assistant secretary of state for public affairs at the US state department, has said Manning is being “mistreated” in the military brig at Quantico, Virginia. “What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defence.”

Crowley’s comments are the first sign of a crack within the Obama administration over the handling of the WikiLeaks saga in which hundreds of thousands of confidential documents were handed to the website.

Ed Morrissey says it best: “What the hell is the State Department thinking?”

Have a nice day, Mr. Crowley.

P.S. Aaaaaand so long.