Leftist protesters rage on as the world burns

Eric Golub Contributor
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The world is still on fire.

The 8.9 earthquake that rocked Japan triggered a tsunami that caused devastation and deaths from Asia to the American west coast. Now Japan is fighting to prevent a pair of nuclear reactors from melting down.

In Libya, Muammar Gaddafi has gotten the upper hand on the rebels as the U.S. debates meaningless nonbinding resolutions. A day of rage in Saudi Arabia ended quickly because the Saudis most likely took the protesters and shot them all out of the way of cameras. Turmoil in Libya was a gift to Saudi Arabia, and the Japan crisis gave Libya breathing room.

In New York, a bus overturned, leaving 14 people dead. Storms killed people in Texas and Oklahoma.

Many Americans prayed. Others grieved. Some sent money and food. Neighbors looked after each other and complete strangers reached into their wallets and hearts to help their fellow humans.

Yet while all of this was going on, the American left could not find five minutes to break away from what former Senator Zell Miller referred to as a “deficit of decency.”

When Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy was publicly asked if he had any shame or decency, it ended him.

When leftist protesters in Wisconsin are asked, they just respond by acting like themselves. As the world burns around them, they make Hollywood celebrities at the Oscars look selfless.

In the last few days the leftist barbarians stormed the gates of the Wisconsin capitol. According to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, they even damaged the marble in that beautiful building.

They went to Governor Scott Walker’s home under the illusion that this is an appropriate form of protest.

Around the country, liberals have promised to “get a little bloody” and engage in “escalation.”

Escalation was not overtly defined, but this is the left. Translation is simple. Escalation means violence.

The Tea Party rallies were a salute to democracy at its finest, with peaceful protests around the nation leading to a resounding election victory. Unlike the leftist rallies in Wisconsin, the Tea Party protests are what democracy looks like.

Democracy is not illegally going on strike. Democracy is not violating medical ethics laws by handing out phony sick notes. Democracy is not legislators fleeing their states. That is not a filibuster, which requires being in the chamber. That is anarchy. That is subversion. That is leftism, where the rule of law does not matter.

Democracy is not sending death threats to GOP lawmakers over a policy dispute. That is terrorism.

Democracy is not bringing in Jesse Jackson to create the illusion that a financial dispute is a civil rights issue.

Madison, Wisconsin is not Selma, Alabama. The fight over collective bargaining is not the fight to end slavery. To link these disparate events is an insult to anybody who has ever been through slavery, the Holocaust, genocide, or any other real tragedy.

At the risk of disappointing an entire over-privileged race that I belong to, there is not a single middle-class, Caucasian, white-collar government worker in America having their civil rights violated by another Caucasian politician.

Governor Walker was compared to Hitler, but Walker didn’t throw the protesters into ovens.

He was compared to Gaddafi, but Walker didn’t shoot the protesters. He did not even lightly turn on any fire hoses to clean them up after a week of them laying in their own filth.

None of the protesters were enslaved. A few were carried out of the capitol in handcuffs. Unlike the fear and seriousness in Dr. Martin Luther King’s eyes in the 1960s, several of these protesters responded by smiling at the cameras and yelling, “Hi mom!”

So as real life-and-death matters are spreading carnage across the globe, now is not the time for the left to talk about retaliation, escalation, or any other Dr. Seuss rhymes by people that Congressman J.C. Watts correctly referred to as “poverty pimps.”

If the Moveon.org, AFL-CIO, and SEIU mobs decide to protest peacefully, the response should be peaceful.

If they engage in violence, they should be put down with as much force as possible until the violence stops. If this means turning on the fire hoses, so be it.

The left will cry racism and bring up Selma, but these are not black people fighting for freedom, equality, and humanity. Those people were peaceful. They sang “we shall overcome,” and the violence against them was pure evil.

These are spoiled, middle-class, Caucasian liberal brats. If white police officers need tear gas to subdue white agitators, cries of racism will be every bit as insincere as they are now.

If liberals ever come to believe their own phony slogans about “coming together” and “uniting,” then Americans of all stripes will come together. This involves helping rebuild Japan, spreading freedom in Libya, offering comfort to storm victims from New York to Texas to California to Hawaii, and making this world a better place even for people with different non-violent ideologies.

Americans are ripped asunder because while the right merely disagrees with the left, the left despises the right. While the right tries to heal the world, the left is busy trying to rip out the guts of the right.

Until liberals learn the difference between enemies and opponents, they will continue to experience occasional short-term political gains while driving their souls below the Earth they claim to love.

The entire world is looking to America to lead. People from Japan to Libya are pleading for help from the last beacon of hope for civilization.

The world is burning. For a few days, liberals need to knock it off. They need to look in the mirror, and stop being themselves.

The escalation and the rage must cease now.

There is worldwide work to do and human beings to save.

The coming days will tell if the left ever cared about that.

Either way, the right has done what we always do. We have rolled up our sleeves and gotten to work.

Eric Golub is a Brooklyn-born stockbrokerage and oil professional living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles. His blog is the TYGRRRR EXPRESS and his three books are “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.” His interests include politics, football, the stock market, and Republican Jewish brunettes.