Susan Sarandon calls Scott Walker an ‘idiot’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Stepmom actress and politically liberal activist Susan Sarandon joined Wisconsin union protesters Saturday to rally against Gov. Scott Walker’s union bill.

“This is a very, very important fight, and it’s just so blatant and so obvious and it has to be dealt with now and I think that’s why it resonates,” Sarandon told The Nation representative John Nichols. “I know there are rallies being held all over the United States in solidarity too and we can’t forget that, but I just wanted to come in person to say thank you for everyone’s work in the past and for what they’re doing now.”

Sarandon thanked Walker for giving her and others the chance to fight and speak out.

“It’s a great opportunity that this idiot, uh, Walker has given us, to remember our strength and to remember that we are the many and they are the few,” Sarandon said. “Even though they have the wealth, we have something which is as important if not more important, and so I came just to say thank you and to remind them that we are watching, even if the media hasn’t been on top of it as much as they should have.”

Sarandon and former partner Tim Robbins often teamed up for political and social activism endeavors. Sarandon supported Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader during the 2000 election cycle and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004. Both Sarandon and Robbins opposed the Iraq war.

[WATCH: Sarandon speak at the Wisconsin protests]