Tina Brown’s Aging “Circle of Buzz”

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Where’s Kristi? Noemie Emery spots a gap in Tina Brown’s list of women “hellraisers” who are “shaking the world.”

Not a word about the GOP women who came in with the 2010 midterms; all of them feisty, and very much younger: Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Gov. Susana Martinez, Rep. Kristi Noem, and, of course, Gov. Nikki Haley, a hell-raiser if ever there was one, and an all-but-sure pick for a future national ticket.

But that would be news …

I fear Emery is right about both the politics and the antiquity of Tina Brown’s “now-dated circles of buzz.” I was hoping her NewsBeast, as a large, slow-moving, profusely bleeding target, would be around for a while, providing something close to a guaranteed annual income to sniping bloggers. Now I worry it may disappear off the map all too quickly. … P.S.: Brown is surrounded by young, talented types. Even if they’re 95% Democrats, they at least know Haley, Noem, Martinez, et. al. belong on the list. I’m counting on them. …