The Sharia friendly sex shop

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Who says you can’t get down and dirty but still be a devout Muslim? In Holland, an intrepid young entrepreneur has figured out a way to market Sharia compliant sex toys online to a culture which has even gone so far as to outlaw masturbation.

So how does one initiate such an endeavor without incurring a fatwa? Abdelaziz Aouragh, has found a way…. get approval from a Saudi sheik and you’re good to go.

“I have learned a lot about what Islam says about sexuality, about how important it is to have a healthy sex life,” he told the Daily News Egypt.

There is a demand for this type of commodity. According to Aouragh, the site, El Asira, got more than 70,000 hits in the first four days it launched last year.

Keeping the shop within the bounds of what is allowed by Sharia limits what Aouragh can sell and display. His site features no nudity and is dominated by lubes, massage gels, candles, and potency pills. Noticeably absent are the usual Western fare such as whips and battery-powered accessories. The site also advises folks return soon for their new lingerie section.

“The best products are the gels and cremes,” said Aouragh. “The pills are a bit harder to sell, because they need to be consumed, and that’s something that we still need to earn some trust in. But, in time.”

The site is very darkly colored and understated, with a section for men and a section for women (!) and makes a point to explain how they aim to be respectful in an area of life that many consider taboo in the Muslim world.

“We are dealing with stereotypical prejudices by some, including non-Muslims in regards to the topic of sexuality within Islam,” the website reads. “El Asira is aiming at an increased awareness and acceptance of sexuality and sexual health within the life of Muslim and non Muslim couples alike and Muslims in general as well as the community as a whole.”

Aouragh is hopeful that others will follow his model and that discussions of Muslim sexuality might one day reach the light of day.

“Everybody is talking about Islam in a negative way, I am trying to get something positive out of the dark,” Aouragh said.

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